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In Sane

November 05, 2015

The idea of curating a show, the theme of which would derive from a special state of mind popularly known as insanity, did not come to me all at once. From an early age, I noticed a desire in myself to act “crazy.” There was no shortage of inspiration around -- from movies, where mentally ill people were often portrayed in a very funny way, to friends and relatives who had a talent to act strangely. Later, becoming an art school student, I noticed that the concentration of people who acted crazy increased around me. There were people who openly demonstrated such a talent, and those who quietly lived their lives, nevertheless being far from “normal.” WIth time, progressing further into my art career, I also noticed that a certain insanity in artists’ behaviour is expected and even desired by people who appreciate art. I noticed that insanity stands almost on the same level with such state as death. The desire to get a glimpse into this state has probably tickled the human race since ancient times. Artists provide that window into the unknown world, to which one doesn’t want to be fully -- and by one’s own will -- immersed.


Seven artists from Chicago, Detroit, Toledo, New York and Berlin respond to the questions: What does it mean to be sane? Do you have to know what’s sane, to know the borders, parameters of insanity? Do you often see the world as a sick brew of insane characters? Do you feel you have to survive in this insane world? What’s your way? Do you have to pretend that you are insane as well in order to blend in, match? Or do you stay clear and show what you are? Are you afraid to become as insane as the rest of the world? Do you think that the world is all sane, but you might be losing it? What is it for you, as an artist -- is it a game, is it everyday survival, or...?

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