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PROJECTIONS -- Interactive portrait project at River House Arts Gallery


Our identities are an amalgam of ever-shifting and overlapping projections -- we create projections of ourselves, our alter egos, and launch them into the world. At the same time, the world projects its interpretations of us onto us.


In this interactive portrait project, the artist collaborates with each subject to create a life-size, cut-out figure that crystallizes such multiple projections -- the sitters each contribute a core theme of their personalities, and the artist melds that theme into the portrait, a synthesis of their mutual projections.


Juxtaposed to the colorful, crisply defined cut-out figures standing in a group, as if at a party, on the walls hang paintings of ethereal figures on scroll-like sheets of fabric. These phantom figures appear liberated, dancing, floating, flying. They represent the projections of the projections.


Visitors to the show add their own projections to the artist-sitter synthesis as they walk amongst the freestanding portraits, their thoughts occasionally nudged by texts on the floor, to contemplate how we are all creators of the identities of ourselves and others.

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