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Energy, Frequency and Vibration -- Life-trembling line


"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." – Nikola Tesla


Critics saw in the works of Jackson Pollock both randomness and order. According to the French philosopher Henri Bergson, there is no absolute order or absolute disorder.


The objects around us materialize in our consciousness as a result of our knowledge of these objects. For example, we know that the ball is round. But if we saw a ball, illuminated by the bright sun through the foliage of the tree, the ball would have merged with other objects or the ground. It happens that the light falls on the face in such a way that when photographing you can not even recognize a familiar face. Between recognizability and unrecognizability, at times, the border is rather fuzzy.


But when we talk about drawing, such a difference is literally in the hands of the artist. In addition, if the artist rides the train, he becomes one with the shaking carriage. Vibration and chaotic jerks of the car are transferred to the drawing hand.


Thus, the aggregate of (a) - our subconscious mind, trying to convey elusive images to the consciousness, (b) - impulses to the painter’s hand, and (c) - external conditions, result in obscure images, which is the manifestation of the unknowable reality of the world and its individual parts.


When drawing, I deliberately give free rein to my hand, allowing disobedience, but from time to time I pull it up, like a dog on a leash trying to run off the sidewalk. As a result of this method of drawing, the objects I depict acquire a certain elusiveness. 


Sometimes I think of my pen as a conjuring stick, which performs a kind of erratic ritual dance that brings to life some strange characters. Other times I feel that my pen is like an archeologist’s scraper. It scratches the surface of frozen glass and through that whiteness appear unknown characters, strange worlds. I don’t know what they are. I know for sure that I didn’t make them. They have been there forever.


Andrei Rabodzeenko © 2020

Video showing Andrei's hand drawing in real time.

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