Like the prodigal son, we have to complete a circle --- from a formless mass of muscles and nerves to a functional, sensible, loving being; from aimless and selfish testers of our strength to purposeful and conscious souls, ready to return to the Creator.


In this series, the spontaneous, abstract splashes and shapes represent natural forces or gestural moves at different stages of human development. The dynamic poses of the figures embody striving for life, overcoming natural obstacles on the path of self-development and self-realization. The red symbolises a living force, it’s the color of blood and fire. The minimalistic white background of the compositions underscores the idea that there is just one major, ever-present barrier -- human nature itself. We have to transcend and develop ourselves in order to understand our place in the universe.  


All drawings -- 32" x 40", chalk, charcoal, tempera on cardboard


Before anything there is nothing. But this nothing is not a lifeless void. It’s full of everything, raw material, possibilities as yet unformed.
The first step, the first action of a simple being, standing up, making a first upright gesture. The step is unsure, but potentially powerful.
Self-realization comes with rejection, the separation of one from the rest. This leads to an awareness of duality, of an opposing attitude.
The creative one inevitably leads to many. The one reproduces itself and everything that it creates. It is a state of weakening, but gaining potential strength as a whole at the same time.
Gaining physical strength gives a sense of freedom, power, a dissatisfaction with achievements, a desire to fly to unknown, higher levels. At this point one risks losing connection with the ground, descending into chaos.
Poking and probing in all directions eventually gives a sense of self positioning.
Everything returns to its primary state. Ascending, element by element, the whole universe returns to its Creator.
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