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In this direction that I call Archetypes, I challenge myself with use of a visual language that is a combination of techniques and styles, with roots in the European Renaissance and classical antiquity. But the technique and subject matter don’t cover the core meaning of this direction. Intuitively I feel that in order to see and critically appraise our time’s values against the values that are considered to be “timeless,” one has to detach, distance oneself from todayness. Being a contemporary person and using archaic language allows me to connect with a continuum rather than with a particular moment in time. Studying techniques and styles of the past was just one part of the experience. I also put myself on a visual “diet,” not watching any moving pictures or media for two years. I started seeing my immediate surroundings in a different way. I became closer to physical, rather than virtual reality -- the pride and joy of our time. With this came an awareness of my interconnectivity with the cosmos, my merging with it, and at the same time a purer vision of what it means to be human. Those human qualities -- Archetypes -- are the focus of my work, which I synthesize in visually clear, realistic, allegorical and symbolical formulas.

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